My Story

Why Vegan?

I made the switch to healthier eating and transitioned into a vegan lifestyle over 18 years ago, and I've never looked back.

I know how hard it can be to make the transition to healthy eating and I have missed those comfort foods that I ate as a child.  Instead of giving up on veganism and a healthier diet, I learned to get creative in the kitchen and make my vegan food taste as good as the comfort foods that I missed. 

Finding this middle ground between healthy food and food that still tastes good has helped me to stay vegan for 18 year (and my husband stay vegan for over 21 years), and has allowed us to raise 2 vegan children who have never wanted a drop of meat or dairy!

Why did I go vegan?:

I grew up eating a typical American diet of meat, cheese, and milk.  Then, in college and my early 20s, I ate lots of highly processed convenience foods.  I was never overweight, so I thought that I was healthy.  That is until I became debilitated with an autoimmune disease at the age of 23.  I spent the next 2 years visiting doctors and taking medications which came with side effects that were worse than the illness itself.  After reading that autoimmune diseases may be caused by diet and environmental toxins, I decided to throw out all of the chemicals and heal myself with food.  I gave up all animal products, processed food, and sugar and ate a strict macrobiotic diet.  Within a few weeks, my body began to heal and I was beginning to feel better than ever.vegan wedding

After just 5 months of this healthy diet, my new energy enabled me to set off to backpack the Appalachian Trail!

It was there that I encountered my first Vegan. (I didn’t identify myself as vegan at the time; just someone healing my body with food). We bonded over brown rice and broccoli and quickly fell in love. That cute long haired hippy soon became my husband and we are raising 2 beautiful vegan boys together.

Vegan Life with Kids...

Raising vegan kidsThe hectic life of working as a behavior therapist and raising children challenged me to continue to create healthy recipes that were quick, practical, and kid friendly.  I saw first hand the power that diet changes had to heal when my clients' parents eliminated gluten, casein, and food dyes in their children's diet.  Then, when my own child developed an autoimmune disorder, doctors recommended that we go gluten free.  I faced a new challenge in feeding my family gluten free plant based foods that they would still love. 

My children have PANDAS/ PANS which is an autoimmune disorder triggered by an infection. (The disease has a strong genetic component).  It has been a long hard battle to get them well and diet changes have helped them to heal.  They have made significant improvements after going gluten free.  I also try to sneak turmeric into many recipes to reduce inflammation.  I do my best to avoid chemical additive, food dyes, and excessive sugar in my recipes and of course include lots of fruits and vegetables.

After so many years of eating this way, we have tried nearly every product on the market.  We know the ones that are worth the money, the ones that taste “real,” and the ones that just aren’t worth it.  My mission is to help more people transition to a healthier diet without having to give up the great tasting comfort foods that they love.  I am excited to share my recipes with you and wish health and wellness to you and your family.

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